Usually a question to spice up a boring social gathering, but here it is used to introduce an anti-astrology editorial in a Yemeni (Yemeni?) Newspaper.

Another point worth noting: It is obvious that the writer knows astrology and is NOT conflating sun-sign astrology and “real” astrology.

They are told how mysterious forces in the universe around them, work to shape their intimate destinies. They are told relatively flattering things about their characters and life, and in the end they are naturally pleased that someone cares about them. In the hectic and generally disconnected modern society, they feel connected – both to another human being and to the world around them. Astrology shares this with many other beliefs, for example the idea that nothing in life is truly coincidental. On this view of life, everything which happens to us, even the smallest or seemingly most insignificant event, happens for some particular reason.


A person who continually tries to live his life by a horoscope can become very depressed as he begins to see life as fatalistic, predetermined since his birth, with no opportunity to break free. “To believe in astrology, you must support the philosophy that you are either a ‘born loser’ or a ‘born winner.’’ A Psychologist said In spite that astrology is an attempt to find some sort of “meaning” or “influence” in the planetary positions. Oddly enough, considering that astrology has to do with planetary movements, astrologers no longer look at the sky, and haven’t for hundreds of years.


That is, I, as the astrologer, would do a reading of a person’s natal chart, or a couple’s composite chart or synastry comparison, and the client would believe what I said, and even accept blatant falsehoods and errors, because she or he wanted desperately to believe astrology is valid. The point is, astrologers can say anything, and make any kind of claim no matter how false or absurd, and the client will work very hard to believe the astrologer’s words” Shy David, wrote in article named My Education as an Astrologer “It took me a while to figure out the mechanism by which astrology “works.”

That mechanism is the desperate need of the client to believe astrology is the answer to their problems. The greater the problem, the greater the willingness of the client to believe that which is absurd. All the astrologer needs do is develop what is known as “cold reading techniques” whereby guesses are made, and the client’s mind races to try and make that guess “fit” her or his situation.

Even when the guess is grossly wrong, the client often believes that it is correct and that they just do not yet understand how. About ten years ago I finished my study of astrology. I discovered that what one sees in the sky has nothing at all to do with human events here on Earth. What the astrologer sees in the chart is an impotent fabrication, unrelated to reality.”

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Oh, and did we mention that belief in sorcery and black magic is alive and well throughout the Gulf region of the Arab world?