Update: Jerome Armstrong quotes J.P. Morgan (millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do), confesses his faith in our primate ancestors and invites the wingnuts out for a little vipassana meditation! (though Redstate.com is having way too much fun with this to let it go . . . )


In his biography of the astrologer and mathematician Girolamo Cardano, historian Anthony Grafton likens the role of a modern economist to that of a Rennaissance astrologer.

How about the modern economist as astrologer aka political pundit?

I don’t even know how I stumbled over this — but a pack of rightwingnut bloggers have launched a witch hunt — and are celebrating the the revelation that blogger and author Jerome Armstrong (how many people do you know who have even heard of Jerome Armstrong?) was/is an astrologer as well as a day trader — hmmm, did he study with Ray? — before he became a political consultant.

I am not going to try to recount the particulars as how this came to light, as I am not sure I understand it myself, but one thing is clear — there are no secrets in the lands of the internets. None.

The gist is that apparently an email (alluding to some legal difficulties with the SEC a few years ago in connection to the daytrading dimension of life) circulating on a private list of lefty bloggers fell into the paws of a bigshot wingnut blogger (love to know how much he paid for it!). And somehow, that leaked email inspired/enabled computer wizards on the right to start combing the internet looking for more dirt, and well, to make a long story short, it turns out that Jerome Armstrong of mydd.com is none other than the completely unknown astrologer, Jerome Armstrong (I am serious, who ever heard of an astrologer named Jerome Armstrong?)

The point being that if you look hard enough into anyone’s life, you can find at least one or two oddities. Not that astrology is all that odd – I mean, even both Reagans were known to dabble here and there.

For more on Redstate.com “discoveries (though to be quite honest, it isn’t all that much),” read this, this, this and this. (Warning: vicious comments at this site). Deep background More skullduggery here.

Wonder if a “1st blog chart” exists, as some are predicting the end.

Actually, this is way more awful than I originally thought. It looks as if all of this got going as an effort to out swiftboat Armstrong’s co-author Markos Moulitas (which backfired immediately since he is married and has a small son), and Jerome is not getting it.
And it continues to get nastier and nastier. And really nasty.

Here is an article which quoted Armstrong with reference to the 2002 election in a blog called Personal Technology:

MyDD, a liberal political blog that’s heavy on polls and polling, doesn’t link its affiliated Astroworld political astrology index from the homepage, but this offers its own sorts of odds.

Astrologers there are analyzing the cosmic weather, using a symbolic language, and looking at indicators: Who’s moving to another house, who’s under a heavy Saturn transit, who’s a winner whose precise time has come. Nancy Luber Sommers is looking for periods of elation in the charts of the candidate and leaders of both parties in the next few days and beyond, especially to January. She has on on her own site a chart of predictions in major races based on what she sees in the candidates’ charts.

Does this work? No idea. Come back tomorrow.

We might have a surprise.

That’s what Astrologer Jerome Armstrong says we’ll see today, a surprise that’s been brewing below the radar: that women voters will pour out to the polls today, while men will be inclined to stay home, for reasons only an astrologer might understand (so I’ve edited them out here):

Bush and the rulers (in) power could be pierced by something that seems trivial in (its) simplicity, that triggers larger events to occur. Simply put, men will not turn out to vote in near the numbers that women will this election…. Ceres and Venus are representative of younger, and especially feminine energies in the mundane election analysis;… they are holding a secret, their voice has seem(ed) stifled, and their vote will be a secret from Bush & the media… No one knows how big the vote is, until after it happens, surprising the media, and shifting control of Congress. It’s an angry vote. The dissatisfaction with the economy is there; but the Sun-Moon’s conjunction in the 7th, where the Rx Venus/Mercury conjunction is also, points towards the threat of war as a strong motivation.

And this exchange from a 2001 email list is being pasted all around:

Nov 6th, 2001 Virgina Governor ElectionOctober, 2001

Jerome Armstrong

Mark Warner (D) vs. Mark Earley (R)


A couple notes on Mark Warner Saj Sun: 1) he will have a solar eclipse natal Sun conjunction on Dec 14th of this year; also being conjuncted by Chiron; and Pluto coming into a long progressed conjuct/trine natal(similar to Daschle’s), so he’s got some LT power moves showing starting soon!

He’s got a natal near exact Venus/Saturn in Scorpio conjunction, so he’s got dedicated supporters for his Democratic brand of compassionate conservatism politics. His current transit of progressed Venus conjunct his Sun in Saj, and transiting Saturn oppostite this from Gemini coming on over the next year, bode well, transforming the Democratic leadership in Virginia(perhaps meaning national prominence for him as well).

Warner looks to me like he’s on the verge of winning. I don’t see anything negative. Latest polls have him up 10% Bush will be returning around the 22nd or so, Earley is going to need Bush’s pulling… but I think something on a larger scale is about to break here, that could change the outcome.

We’ll see, if nothing changes over the next 10 days, I think that Earley’s natal Jupiter (that’s being transited by Jupiter), is being dragged down by his south node there as well.


Mark Earley, GOP running for VA Governor spot. This is a good astrological indicator here. He’s got transiting Jupiter moving over his natal Jupiter stellium in Cancer. His Jupiter is conjunt mercury, so we would look for him to have some defining things to say.

Very interesting, as Jupiter makes an exact conjunction and stations retrograde on this conjunction, a debate is held that crystallizes the election.

This Jupiter transit is very benificial, especially given his natal status, conjunct his south node. So, which ever way it goes here, it goes here. It might unravel on him, but it basically shows he is willing to say anything (even underhandingly) to get elected, and Jupiter is helping him do it. Big splashes is what he’s about right now, gambles Jupiter style pay-off for him.

Here’s a good PR on it:

Did Earley roll the dice early? Debate might be defining moment.

Also, here is a press discription and transcript where his opponent destructs, at the hand of the moderator (hmmm, sounds like Earley’s Jupiter had the Mercury co-opted~!).

Jerome – Thanks for linking me to this site. I have several comments/questions.

Where do you see Earley’s defeat in his chart? I am concerned about the very strong Jupiter return he will undergoing. I am also concerned that many of Warner’s better transits will be ending around the time of the election.


Although he has a strong T. Jupiter over N. Jupiter/Mercury at 14 Cancer, this is also conjunct his south node. I said that Jupiter transiting this would mean that he goes excessively into negative advertising, and perhaps could really overdo it, but that he’d obviously strike a chord. I don’t have an exact date, but T. Saturn could be conjuncting his N. Moon.

T. Mercury, when it St.D. between Oct 20-27 at 14 Libra activates the sensitive point, with a square. I think Bush’s Sun being right on this sensitive Earley spot of 14 Cancer is going to mean that he plays a role in the campaign as well.

This is one of those aspects where you have the strong note natally (Mercury/Jupiter conjunct), and the transits of both planets are activating the picture, in this case with the strongest of aspects, a square and conjunction.

Also, for Earley. His N. Mars is sta. R., in Saj, so he’s got a strong Mars. Progressed, it’s at 7 Cap 22′, and T. Mars conjuncted this point about three weeks ago(probably when his flip-flop to attack on taxes was hatched), came into full opposition of the sensitive 14Cancer a week ago as he began to attack Earley on this issue.

Also, I note that on election day, T. Mars is conjunct T. Neptune at 6 Aquarius. This is probably pretty good news for the GOP party, as I have seen good research linking Neptune with the modern GOP party.

The nagative aspect for Earley is that Saturn could be in play with his moon, and that his natal moon nodes are clearly in play. I’ve not looked into Warner much yet, but I sense him losing his luster here in the homestretch. The election looks more in the hands of Earley here, and his hiring of Castellano really means he’s going into the mud here for the win.

I will try and take more of a look at Warner soon.

Jerome – I think Earley’s Moon may be too late for a transit of Saturn. I have it for 22 02′ Gemini at noon, so even were he born at midnight, it would still be at 15 12′ Gemini. I also think that the exact sextile between Venus and natal Jupiter/Mercury is a significant factor, in that the n.Jupiter has such strong positive support, and there is a concurrent t.Jupiter sextile to n.Venus transit. On 11/6 the t. Sun is trine natal Jupiter. Also, not only is t.Jupiter sextile natal Venus, tr. Pluto is square n. Venus beginning around 11/12. I think these are some strong indications that he will be feeling really good.

My guess is that the current political situation will help the Republicans. Also, Virginia is a very Republican state, and this is not the time when people will abandon the party.


Here’s the thing that I’m struggling with. If everything looks charming and expansive for Earley, why isn’t he kicking Warner’s butt in the polls?

Here I am grasping for a straw in regards to Saturn and his moon, and you point out that the glass isn’t even half full 😉

Anyway, something gives with why Earley’s not doing well right now. Most commentators are seeing his latest attack add as a desperation move, so, I’m thinking there is some negative factor in his chart that is somewhat over-riding the seemingly positive aspects occuring. Over the past month, his best poll has him down by 4%, others have shown he’s been down as much as 12%.

It could be that it is latent and sitting there, waiting for a trigger that “excites” the conjunction, propeling him into the lead in the polls. That’s what I see with the coming Mercury aspect in transit:

N. Jupiter/Mercury ~14 Cancer, conjoined by T. Jupiter; T. Mercury Sta. D. at 14 Libra, Oct 20-27. Anyway, enough about Earley…

Any thoughts on the interps, anyone? (And no, I don’t have Early’s and Warner’s b-data!)

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