momaadditionciti.jpgI gotta tell you — even though I thought I had seen every single possible kind of stupidity which falls within the signification of stupid, nothing, and I mean nothing prepared me for this.

The secretive Magi Society (which I have heard from a number of well-placed sources is really nothing more than the latest venture of Henry Weingarten, formerly of 666 Fifth Avenue in NYC) is trying to find common cause with the likes of Pat Robertson and James Dobson. Now referring to him themselves as The Christian Guardian’s Fellowship, they have announced that “Evolution is nothing but a hoax.” The site basically says that since the Magi visited the baby Jesus in the manger, and because the Magi were astrologers, astrology can prove that, according to the Bible, the universe was designed by an Intelligent Designer. Then (as any good salesperson will, they ask money question and immediately answer it):

At the Christian Guardians, we believe that astrology is much like most other things. Just as there is good and bad in almost everything else, there is bad astrology and there is good astrology.

You must be wondering what has any of this to do with Intelligent Design?

We talk about all this because we have discovered a way to disprove Darwinism by using good astrology, and we have improved Intelligent Design by using good astrology. The astrology we are using is the astrology of the Three Wise Men who foretold of the Bethlehem Star and successfully followed it to Christ’s birthplace. The Three Wise Men were MAGI and their special form of astrology is called Magi Astrology.

Magi Astrology is so different from any other form of astrology that 95% of Magi Astrology contradicts other forms of astrology. The beauty of Magi Astrology is that it disproves Darwinism and proves Intelligent Design. Magi Astrology helps to move Intelligent Design to the very high level needed so that Intelligent Design can make accurate predictions about genetics, the weather, and other areas that presently baffle scientists.

If you proceed on and read the material on this website and our other websites, we promise you what you read will improve your life, help you to believe in our Savior, and you will see the world in a much brighter light than ever before.

Click here for the first part of a twelve-part essay written with the purpose of helping Christians to defend Intelligent Design.

Isn’t that sweet? Of course, all this definitely comes from the goodness of their brotherly-loving Christian charity.

Of course none of this has anything do with the legal judgement levied against this same Henry Weingarten:

3.19.2002 A final judgment was entered against Henry Weingarten by a federal district court in New York, who had been charged with failing to disclosing certain conflicts of interest to clients. Mr. Weingarten, according to the SEC complaint, had purchased $75,000 worth of U.N. Dollars stock for his advisory client accounts. He failed to disclose in Part II of his Form ADV that he had been paid 250,000 shares of U.N. Dollars stock to promote the company’s securities on Mr. Weingarten’s Internet site and in his newsletters.

Mr. Weingarten was also censured by the SEC and ordered to provide prospective clients with a copy of the SEC order for a period of one year.

More details on Henry Weingarten’s difficulties with the SEC here.