One of most common justifications offered by sun-sign columnists is that they perform a valuable public service by introducing astrology to the public and representing it in a positive way.

So, how does one jibe this rationalization with the misogynistic and hateful pseudo-astrodiatribe typed by former Vanity Fair sun-sign columnist Michael Lutin in the popular political blog, The Huffington Post. He writes:

It should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton came out swinging after her defeat in Iowa. After all, it was in the stars: she is a Scorpio and Scorpio rules the instinct for survival. Scorpio also rules cockroaches. Did you ever try to spray or drown them? They can hold their breath and play dead until you walk out of the kitchen and turn out the light. Then they scurry away, laughing. Scorpios are loved and hated at the same time. Those who hate Hillary still respect her sheer chutzpah, and those who love her have to put up with the fact that she can be a nightmare to live with, especially if she gets a whiff of betrayal.

He goes on to observe that sneaky little Scorpionic cockroaches have no subtlety when they have a goal in mind.

Back in the 90s when she was laughed out of Congress, her critics believed she was done for. You have to understand how Scorpios operate, however. And Hillary does operate. She operates like a nuclear-powered paper shredder. The whole Congress-health care fiasco was a disaster, partly because Scorpios do lack subtlety when they have a goal. They get fixated. They zero in. Hillary can’t help it. She’s an assertive female. (That’s why Bill married her. He likes to get slapped around once in a while.) She is not the frilly-I-enjoy-being- a-girl type of woman. She’s more like a girl’s gym teacher; just fit her out with a whistle and a pair of sneakers and she’d be ready to dribble a basketball. That image makes it easy for her detractors to cast aspersions on her sexuality.

Cute way to insinuate that not only is she a dominatrix, but she is a dykey one at that, and worthy of something one would expect at Little Green Footballs or Redstate, and not the Huffington Post.

But nevermind that, because Lutin seems to get back on the stereotypical Scorpio track later in the post:

So when she busted into the Senate with six-guns blazing, the Old Boys snickered and thought they could just send her back to the kitchen. Scorpio women are not just women, though.

Hillary backed away. In typical Scorpio fashion, she went into Plan B. Scorpios always have not only Plan B, but they usually have it figured out all the way up to Plan Z. She probably figured, well, if she couldn’t convince those old buzzards to do what she thought was right, she would just have to take over the whole shebang.

The column sputters to an end with this baffling notion:

Some will vote for her just because she’s a woman. Many will NOT for the same reason. In the end, foreign or domestic policies notwithstanding, Scorpio always turns out to be an issue of gender.

Umm, setting aside that there really are a good number of people (including a bunch of men) who have and will vote for Clinton because they actually believe that she is the most qualified candidate, I wonder what Presidents Adams, Garfield, Harding, Polk, and [Theodore] Roosevelt think about that (if they were alive to read it)!

Mikey does seem fixated on the gender thing. On the 14th, he turned up again at the HuffPo, this time somewhat toned down and makes a lame attempt (and illustrating in the process why sun sign astrology is so lame) to analyze the possibilities of all the presidential candidates. In fact, he just touches on the sun-sign transits of what he considers to be the 4 front running Republican candidates (Guiliani was included, even though he has been getting trounced even by Ron Paul), ignores the existence of Edwards (in spite of the fact that Edwards has been routinely garnering more votes than most of the Republican candidates due to the fact that most people don’t seem to be bothering with the Republican clusterfuck of a race) and deals with Obama and Clinton with the following throwaways:

“A woman in the White House, I wouldn’t trust one even AFTER menopause.”

Or “A black man President? Shoot me now.”

There is too much in both of these statement to unpack (I’m betting that most sane people of good conscience can see the problem without it being spelled out), except that I can’t but wonder if there isn’t a whole lot of projection going on here.

Two tidbits that might support this notion:

About a year ago, I posted this excerpt of a Mikey interview:

What’s your sign?

I never tell. It’s not good for my practice. I try to be neutral in my practice, and people have prejudices against certain signs, so that’s why. People have all kinds of crazy notions, based upon their childhood, mostly. They’ll say, “Oh, I hate Geminis,” and I’ll say, “Is your mother a Gemini?” “Yeah, how’d you know?”

You don’t say! Can we infer from this that the real reason Mikey hates Hillary is because she reminds him of his own cockroach of a mother?

The other tidbit comes from an ISAR conference I attended in Chicago a few years back. Mikey provided the evening entertainment at the grand $40. dinner. It was meant to be funny and to provide a laugh. But there was seriously un-funny moment toward the end as he began to rant about the dangerous times in which we live–and, with a straight face–said that since 9/11, life in NYC has become so terrifying and scary (what with all the terrorist hordes hiding out in Jackson Heights and Bay Ridge), he never ever gets into a cab if the driver is wearing a turban. It was a tense moment, and although there was a bit of buzz about it later–most people chalked it up to Mikey being Mikey. Sorta like Imus being Imus, I guess.

Not only is Mikey racist and sexist, but he is dumb. Because Muslims don’t wear turbans, Sikhs do.

On a funner note, some Scorpio women are pushing back.

Update: Lutin is fear-mongering has posted again on the Huffington Post.

This time, because Obama has a Leo North Lunar Node, he has a Messianic Complex, and because he had to grow up fast, he is grandiose (that is, he has forgotten his “place).

And Hillary Clinton is still a bitch on wheels.

If he didn’t have the astrology to hide behind (because the reality is that there are some places even a stand-up comic will not/should not go) this is how this one this reads:

lutin.jpgAmbitious African-American man: Grandiose, i.e., uppity.

Ambitious woman: Castrating bitch, i.e, uppity.

Michael Lutin: The Bill O’Reilly of the astrology world.