Moving Foward… Thursday, Jan 17 2008 

zeus-altar-cc-slimnastics.jpg A year ago, when I posted a video of Fred Mittle of Young@Heart singing Fix You by Cold Play, I was aware that I was entering a crucial Saturnian period in my life. Not only was I in the midst of a 2 year Saturn period via Fidaria, but transiting Saturn in its detriment, was hanging out in one of my angular houses and hitting a number of personal planets by hard aspect. Etc. But I did not expect that a whole year would go by without a single post, even though Saturn is about slowness, halting and yes, even reversals.

But all that is over, I am now in a Jupiter Fidaria (woo hoo!), transiting Saturn is in a Succedent house, and well, the world out there seems a lot more interesting…as I scroll the astrological ‘net, I notice a few things out there that I am looking forward to having some fun with.

Fun being the operative word! To that Jupiterian end, I have taken the liberty of “rectifying” my nome de Blog from daimones to Sunrunner.

(Photo credit: Foundations of Alter to Zeus at Pergamon from Sacred Destinations)

Malpractice Sunday, Sep 3 2006 

rob_hand.jpgAs a whole (except when privately kvetching between themselves behind another’s back), astrologers are quite allergic to criticism; whether providing it thoughtfully or accepting it. It is just not done, constructively or otherwise.

My personal theory is that since the word “astrology” is synonymous with pariah, most astrologers find themselves operating as a kind of functional outlaw, living somewhere on a continuum between a healthy capacity to question authority and a pathological disdain for accountability of any kind.