frankdm2401_228x389.jpgI am going to London in March for a week and a friend, who was awarded a Certificate from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London last year, sent me the link to the Faculty’s Annual Open Day in case I might like to purchase a ticket and attend.

While scrolling down the program page, I noticed at the very bottom that yet another Faculty Diploma holder has been stripped of her D.F.Astrol.S. This would make Debbie Frank the second astrologer to late Princess Diana to be stripped of her Faculty Diploma–the first being Penny Thornton in 1995–for violating several clauses in the Faculty’s code of ethics(pdf), the most serious, of course, being the violation of client confidentiality by speaking and writing publicly about their work as astrologers to the princess.

The second issue may be the “kind” of work done. Recent testimony given at an inquest into Diana’s death in London revealed that the princess had been given many predictions, not only of her own death, but that of other members of the Royal Family–and indeed, if you read accounts given by both women, much time was spent looking for the possibility for “bad” things to happen to her and/or other members of the Royal Family.

At a recent NORWAC conference, the well-known astrologer, Steven Forrest, spoke about the issue of confidentiality very eloquently (youtube link–go to the 35th minute). Of course, if a client wishes to step forward and speak about her work with an astrologer, that is her prerogative, but when an astrologer does so, she not only betrays the trust given to her by her client, she also potentially damages the work being done by many, many ethical astrologers.

It is not often that astrology organizations are willing to take on a prominant member who has violated this code (in fact, I have not heard of a single case in which an American astrology org has taken this step), so kudos are in order for the Faculty of Astrological Studies for stepping up to the plate in this instance and doing the right thing.

Though one does wonder why it took them so long, as I have been aware of an astrologer called Debbie Frank who claimed to have been the astrologer to the late princess for a few years, but until I read the announcement on the Faculty’s web site, I had no idea that Ms. Frank held a Faculty diploma.